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Welcome To BODHITREE Family

Educate Poor, Eradicate Poverty

The Bodhitree Foundation Trust is a non-profit organization dedicated to educate poor, eridicate poverty. The program is designed to address the lack of educational opportunities available for children in poverty and how attending to this issue can lead to the elimination of poverty in India. This volunteer-based foundation has multiple chapters in various towns across the country that provide coaching classes and mentoring for students to obtain the basic skills necessary in the workforce.

What do we AIM for?

Our mission vision & objectives


Our goal is to raise awareness to the issue of continual poverty many families in India face. We believe that by educating children and young adults and providing them jobs, we may end this cycle.


Bodhitree Foundation Trust is currently operating in multiple cities across India. We fuel change by identifying problems that are widespread globally and then scale solutions to a local level.


Bodhitree Foundation Trust's major activities range from awareness creation & empowerment of people to preventive health care, sanitation, environmental improvement, agriculture and other economic activities.